Sunday, 26 March 2017

Looking Back Part 1

I'm hoping that my hands/wrists are sufficiently improved to start blogging again.  I have carpal tunnel syndrome and the past few months I have been trying to learn to manage it better - I stopped doing quite a few things I like doing and have recently started re-introducing things slowly and in moderation.
So looking back to our homeschool year from September 2016, I'm pleased to report that although the blogging paused, the learning didn't ...

Dd1 discovered the perils of listening to a conversation whilst trying to fill in her timeline: 

We visited Smallhythe House one sunny Friday afternoon.  It's very near us and is a small house so just enough for a quick change of scenery.  There is a particularly amazing dress covered in beetle wings which caught our attention, along with the wax death mask and the very uneven floors:

Some opportunities to look at construction methods:

and to observe pond plants:

I often take pictures of our work in action, especially when there are many things going on at the time.  I think it's my antidote to the pressures of perfect looking homes:

By chance, I discovered that the author, E Nesbit was buried about 30 minutes' drive from us.  This was very exciting news and once I realised it could easily be combined with a trip to the beach, we made plans and set off:

In late September we went to London to visit Buckingham Palace as part of Dd2's project on Royal Palaces.  We took in a few other sights in London while we were there, including a tribute to Edith Cavell:

and were thrilled to spot the Ugandan Embassy.  We are studying Uganda with our local Christian HE group so this was a great find:

By far the most impressive door handles I've ever seen: 

Walking towards Buckingham Palace Dd1 spotted this advertising poster, with Iniktitut writing on it:

And finally we made it to Buckingham Palace, which was a very interesting experience:

I'm reminded again how many opportunities there are in HE - just walking around London they seemed to simply fall into our path.  I don't have any pictures, but Trafalgar Square had been taken over for an event to promote Malaysia so we watched lots of Malay food being cooked - it smelt delicious, then we spent some time in The National Gallery, picking out a few paintings we like.  On the way to Buckingham Palace we had to make a detour as a movie was being filmed on The Mall which was also fascinating (if a little frustrating). After our visit to Buckingham Palace we walked up Regent Street and along Oxford Street - these are big challenges for country kids (not to mention their small town parents) but I have recently been making a much more concerted effort to build in opportunities to develop skills in things the dds don't like doing but need to be able to handle.