Friday, 18 March 2016

Fantasy Map Drawing

Art has not been a favoured subject here lately and I have been keen to re-dress this, so was thrilled when I discovered a facebook group called Home Education Art Academy.  Each week a new theme is chosen and the children create something connected with that topic.  There is a chance to vote on which theme you would like for the next week and over the course of the week the children's work can be uploaded and shared.  Up until this week I didn't think my kids would be interested in the themes so didn't mention it to them, however this week I knew they would be very keen.  The theme was Fantasy/Treasure Maps.  There are usually some links to something inspirational and once I started following one of these I discovered a set of youtube videos by a very helpful man called Nate.  You can find the first one here - the following ones should come up as you finish each video.  I have watched the first 3 or 4.  In the first video Nate uses beans to create the shape of the countries he would like on his map and then once this is drawn he uses dice to place mountain ranges.  It's a very appealing technique to both children and adults.

Here are a couple of pictures of dd2 placing mountain ranges - she used plastic playing pieces instead of dice -I'm sure there are many other similar objects which would work just as well.

Dd1 found an old fantasy map she had drawn of an imaginary country she has carried with her in her mind for a long time.  We think this map is from about 18 months ago:

This is the first of two which she drew this week having watched the youtube videos mentioned above - it's encouraging to see how she has developed:

This is the second, improved one from this week - she was inspired to work on a second map having seen some of the pictures other children did on the facebook group:

This is dd2's first map - she really enjoyed arranging the beans into lots of islands:

This is her second map - the beans ended up in the shape of a beech leaf and so she followed this theme through the whole map:

I forgot to take a picture of it, but even did a map myself.  We mostly worked on A3 paper which gave plenty of space for moving beans around - sticking two pieces of A4 together will give you a piece of A3 sized paper.