Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Just day after day ...

Much of the time it doesn't feel like a great deal happens.  Now that my kids have passed the younger phase where life is one long series of exciting discoveries, it's easy to see the dullness of everyday homeschooling and hard to spot the highlights.  I'm working at not only creating 'moments' but spotting the ones which occur naturally as well.

We are having a lot of discussions about the upcoming referendum on the UK remaining in or leaving the EU and we are working on map reading skills when we go on monthly family walks.  Learning continues to happen at all hours and on every day of the year.  Dd2 has suddenly cracked the times tables and handwriting (I had begun to think neither would ever happen) and this has allowed her to suddenly speed ahead in both English and Maths as these two important skills are no longer holding her back.  I dread to think what would have become of her educationally if she had been at school.  She's a bright kid, but no teacher of 30 pupils could have given her the 1 to 1 she has needed and the adapted curriculum to simply let her achieve when she was ready.  

Dd1 made a basket from old scraps of fabric.

Dd2 made a rocket.

Taking Dd2 to Stonehenge (yes, it really was as cold as it looked).

Chromatography experiments.