Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Reluctant Writer or Empty Blocks of Time

Something I have read repeatedly in connection with homeschooling is about letting kids have empty blocks of time to allow their creative juices to flow.  I have read about kids having empty hours, days and even weeks, with little or no direction from adults and certainly as the dds have become older and more independent that has happened on a small scale basis here. It was purely by accident though that we created an empty block of time (while dh and I were DIYing) which opened up an unexpected writing opportunity for dd2.

Dd2 is not a keen writer; she is far more of a hands-on type of person, in fact there has been some considerable reluctance on her part when it comes to English lessons, so it was with great surprise that I discovered this huge (by her standards) piece of writing one day in the Easter holidays:

This was done entirely of her own volition and without any help!  Along with these 'Rules of the Road' she turned the garden into a traffic system:

and built a '30' sign (much more her kind of thing to do!)

with the help of her sister, who is a reluctant engineer, but got totally sucked into this project:

Just when I thought it was all over, I noticed this piece of writing on dd2's bedroom door:

and this morning the teddies in her room have all become teachers and she is writing (yes, writing!) surveys etc for them to do.  Okay, she hasn't got dressed yet, nor had any breakfast, but she is enjoying writing and I am going to let the first two things go for a while so she can have another empty block of time to find her own relationship with writing.  She'll come down when she's hungry!