Monday, 27 April 2015

Election Special

This is not strictly to do with homeschooling, but is something I prepared for a Guiding group I help with.  Hopefully it will be of some use to someone else reading this.  
There are 2 activities.
The first activity (which I actually plan to do second at Guides!) will be done in patrols.  I made a table, with party, leader, colour & number of MPs columns:

and I made an answer sheet, which the Guides will cut up and try to stick in the correct columns on the table: 

For the other activity I then came up with a variety of questions and gave each one 2 or more possible answers.  The Guides will write their names in the section they think is correct. Some of the questions are specific to the constituency in which we live.  Some of the answers have been simplified to make them more accessible to the age group involved.