Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Learning to read and write

I've been organising and decluttering and selling and freecycling over the summer and as I came across the remnants of our early homeschooling days I thought it might be helpful for someone if I documented some of the things we did when we were just starting out, so here is something from a few years ago!
Dd2 was very keen to 'do school' from before she was ready really, but that is the lot of a younger sibling I guess!  So, I had to come up with lots of ideas which looked like 'school' but weren't actually too taxing and here is one of them.  I printed out the outlines of letters from sparklebox using 'Large alphabet letters for tracing (Ref: SB606)' which is towards the bottom of this page and then we used different materials to fill the outlines.  We did other work on each letter simultaneously, looking at only one or maybe two per week.