Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Truth Is ...

The truth is, that I don't do all the teaching myself!  At the end of each term we try to make a small gift and write a short note to say thank you to the other adults who help round out our homeschool life.  This usually turns into a mini education in itself - a bit of thinking, a bit of planning, a bit of maths, a bit of writing, a bit of (food-based!) handiwork and a good dollop of gratitude!  We had a first go at using coloured fondant earlier today to say thank you to the tennis coaches - it was great fun, let's hope they don't melt by the time we get to the courts in half an hour!

And here's what we made the next day for the amazing volunteer Brownie leaders (it takes a lot of leaders to keep the Brownies in check!) - what a self sacrificing job they do!

I was impressed by the smiley faces - well executed and they really jolly up the little cakes!