Tuesday, 29 January 2013

North American Indian project

I can't quite remember how we decided to do a project on North American/Native American Indians but we certainly enjoyed it, however it started!  We did this project in Spring/Summer 2012 just after our Arctic/Antarctic project.

We used this book to inspire us to get busy with our hands. 

And a couple of information books from The British Museum along with many library books to help us both answer questions and find new ones to ask!

We made a teepee:

We made head-dresses: 

and tried them on:

We made some North American Indian food:

including drying grapes to make raisins:

We learnt how they travelled but decided not to make a life-size travois and put it on our dog, so this little toy had to take the strain instead!

We made toys:

and a papoose:

We used worksheets from Enchanted Learning, picked up lots of good ideas through this website and did a whole heap of things from here!

The topics we covered were: Where they lived, What they wore, Indians and Pilgrims (which span off into What is Thanksgiving?), Buffalo, What they ate, What they believed, How they travelled, How they spoke and wrote, How they raised their children.

As a story we read Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell (but be warned it's not a classic happy ending and one child's disobedience costs him his life).  We also were reading the parts of Our Island Story and This Country of Ours by H E Marshall which corresponded with the discovery of America as part of our  history/read alouds.