Sunday, 28 November 2010

Homeschooling with a puppy!

Our now 7 month old labradoodle, Honey, has meant some pretty drastic changes to our homeschooling routine as she cannot be left unsupervised and unentertained when she's awake!  This week she managed to eat/destroy a green scourer, a metal scourer, a pencil case, two rubbers and probably untold other items which we are yet to discover are 'missing' in just 30 minutes of unsupervised waking time!  It is probably a bit like having a new baby or toddler in the house, except Honey is way too big to be carried around! 
So, I have prioritised our homeschool to Bible, Maths, English, Grammar, Phonics and Read Alouds - anything else is a bonus right now!  We have however done a phenomenal amount of nature study on our daily dog walks and the girls have become really confident in the fields and woods as well as seeing lots of spectacular sights.  We practise our French and sing nursery rhymes and other songs while we are walking, not to mention the massive amount of exercise we are all getting!
The great thing about homeschooling is that there's always next year!
Magnificent autumn leaves