Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Good Shepherd Song April 27th 2010

Just in case this is of any use to anyone either in their homeschooling endeavours or as part of a church service, here are some lyrics I made up for a pre-school song to go with our service on John 10:1-15 this Sunday.  It is to be sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and the sheet music can be printed for free at this brilliant website.

Jesus loves his little sheep,
Keeps them safe when they’re asleep,
In the darkness gives them light,
Loves them if they’re black or white,
Watches over them by day,
Gently leads them on their way.

If time permits I will make some cut-out sheep on lollipop sticks, one side white and one side black for the children to use to do actions with while we sing the song this Sunday at church.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Weaving wonders! April 20th 2010

I have tried to do some handicrafts with the girls every week since last October, but some weeks passed us by, so it has taken a while to finish this first project!  We did some paper weaving and lollipop stick/wool weaving last school year so it wasn't too much of a jump to weaving with a card loom and wool.  I have tried repeatedly in the past to cut the card myself but never got it right so bought a pack of 10 pre-cut cards very cheaply from a county supplier which is open to home educators as well as schools.  I have to admit these pre-cut cards have helped a lot!
It also took me a while to get the needles right ... first we used needles I made from pipe cleaners - not brilliant, then we used metal needles for wool - okay, but kept slipping off the wool so I was re-threading them a lot, and finally we used plastic needles - perfect!
This activity turned out to be really useful for when one child was waiting during another's lesson e.g. swimming.
And now we have rugs for the dolls' house!