Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Making 'The Easter Story' book. March 30th 2010

For our homeschool social today we made books telling the Easter story. 


1 sheet A3 sugar paper, folded in half twice and then cut the shorter fold and assemble as A5 size booklet totalling 8 usuable sides.
Stitch along fold at top to hold the booklet together.
Colour/decorate/paint text for front of book.
Cut out and stick in green hill and draw 3 crosses - add the text which Pontius Pilate put on the cross to one of the crosses.  Add the text from Jn 19:18.
Cut out and stick in grey/brown rock and draw a big stone.  Add the text from Mk 15:46.
Cut out and stick in another rock but with an arch type hole where the big stone was.  Draw on the big stone moved to the side.  Add the text from Jn 21:1.
As colourfully as possible write 'Jesus is alive.' or similar e.g. 'He has risen.'  Add text from Mk 16:15.

The pictures below will probably make more sense!

There is definitely scope for making this all a lot more fancy.  The pictures are a combination of dd2's book and my (rather hurriedly produced) demo book! 

If you would like the Word documents for the texts used then please email me and I'll gladly forward them to you.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Afghanistan Project Sessions Three and Four March 19th 2010

Continuing with our study of the people of Afghanistan we thought about what Afghans might eat and drink and then read about it in this book and this book and then came the fun bit.  We planned a meal based on what we had read about, went shopping and then cooked the meal.  It looked very British in the end, but was definitely a bit of a challenge to little ones' taste buds!
We had chicken kebabs, naan bread, leeks and spinach, followed by:

khatai cookies, and washed down with:

a nice glass of sherbat.
For session four we have learnt about religion and culture using this book.  We also used this website and this website to look at written numbers in Arabic/Hindi. 

Friday, 5 March 2010

Seashore Science Week Two 5th March 2010

This week we took a closer look at the pebbles we found at St Mary's Bay.  The first thing we did was to try and find similarities in colour in the pebbles, then we used this book to help us with some identification.  I haven't read every page of the book but I've noticed it talks about Geology in relation to millions of years which I know isn't acceptable for every Christian household so please be aware!
We were thrilled to have found a granitic pebble and to have been able to identify it!  Not surprisingly most of the other pebbles contained chalk traces.  We also found a synthetic pebble. 

I feel inspired to organise a trip to see the white cliffs of Dover after all that Geology this afternoon!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Afghanistan Project Session Two: The People 2nd March 2010

This week we are learning about the people of Afghanistan.  Today we looked at clothes.  First we talked about what kind of clothes we wear and don't wear, then we tried to guess what Afghans wear.  We used pages from Afghanistan and Afghanistan The People for text and photographs.  Then we tried to make a hijab type scarf.  Unfortunately the piece of fabric I could most easily lay my hands on which was approximately the right size had an African print on it, but we got the general idea.  Dd1 liked wearing it a lot, but dd2 was most unhappy, despite smiling for the camera!