Friday, 9 October 2009

Taking opportunities 9th October 2009

One of the things I really like about homeschooling is that it has given us the ability to take up opportunities that could never normally be organised at short notice in a school. One of those such opportunities arose for us on a sunny October day when Nature Study Friday became Nature Study Thursday, and tree study was exchanged for fish feeding! After an irresistable invite, we walked from our house, through our village, along the bridleway and across two fields, straight into the garden of one of our new friends from church. She and her husband live in a rural property and look after a very large pond inhabited by moorhen and carp, amongst other creatures! The carp are very tame indeed - look at them eating the bread we took with us:

Both the girls, but especially dd1 were totally enraptured by this spectacle and here are their drawings:

I especially love dd1's picture (above) because she has drawn the fish as she saw it - from above - and not as it would be drawn in a book!