Saturday, 26 September 2009

My new Header photo ... 26th September 2009

was taken in October 2008 in a very large city park in Devon. It is of Ginkgo leaves as they had naturally fallen on the grass below. When the yellowed leaves were still on the tree it looked like a brilliant, glowing, golden beacon - a startling reminder of God's power and majesty. It was by far my most favourite tree at autumntime in that park .

Friday, 25 September 2009

Nature Study Friday 25th September 2009

This academic year I have scheduled Nature Study for a Friday so we went on our first organised nature walk in our new village in Kent today. I have been incredibly inspired by this amazing blog which in turn inspired me (after some considerable thought) to purchase this book:

It is such a wealth of information and ideas that I knew after a first flick through that I would be getting way more than my money's worth from it as I would be able to use if for many, many years. I bought this book too late for Autumn last year, so I am making the most of having it for Autumn this year. Today we did our first tree study following Lesson 172: Tree Study on p623 and tackled Exercise 1. I will pick and choose from the rest of the exercises in this lesson as the weeks go by - my girls are too young for some of it, but can access other parts at their own level.

Here are some photos of our chosen tree (which I am still yet to identify!) and of what we did:
And this is what the girls did afterwards!:

And for when it's not Friday, well, we put our collected treasures from our travels around and about in a basket, simply to be gazed at, handled, and generally admired whenever the mood takes us!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

September and back to school. 17th September 2009

We went back to school on Monday 14th September after a long break during which we finally moved house. We are now living in rural Kent, which is a huge change from a large city in the West country. We have met some lovely homeschooling families and believe we have found the church where the Lord wants us to serve.

We are blessed now to have a garden full of mature trees and shrubs and here are photos of our first harvest of plums and pears and another one of the teasels we collected but don't know what we can use them for (any suggestions welcome!):

For our first week back at school we are having an Introductory Week - trying to ease the change from holidays to structure! We have finally finished our Creation Books which we started last term:

DD1 has finished the National Numeracy Strategy Foundation Review Goals and we have have been baking and reading from the bible. DD1 is currently using Keys for Kids which was recommended on a yahoo group I am part of. DD2 is using The Beginner's Bible.

On Wednesday we had a very special treat and went to see We're Going On A Bear Hunt at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury which we really enjoyed. For Thursday and Friday we are doing a mini-project on our locality, incorporating lots of different subjects from the curriculum.
Next week we will move up a gear and start using some books from the Ambleside Online Curriculum, start learning French and many other exciting things.