Friday, 24 July 2009

Creation Study Part Three 24th July 2009

To finish our work on the fourth day of Creation using The Creation Story we painted pictures of the 8 planets using I Love Space as a guide.

To start the fifth day of Creation we looked at pages 18 and 19 of The Creation Story (link above) and tried to name as many sea creatures as we could. Then each child chose a sea creature for a mini-book project. DD1 chose dolphins and DD2 chose sharks. We went straight to the library and took out books on sea creatures to help us learn more. We have been working hard on our mini-books and my next post will hopefully include video clips of them!
Studying sea creatures is easier rather than harder where we live as we are very blessed to currently live quite close to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, Devon, UK. We often visit and here is some still and video photography from a recent visit (including sharks!).
First of all, here is our absolute favourite, Snorkel the Loggerhead Turtle - read the story of how she came to be in captivity here.

Secondly, a short clip of a Sand Tiger Shark.

Thirdly, a clip of a Black Tip Reef Shark.

And finally here is a still photograph of what I think is a Conger Eel in a pipe.