Friday, 24 April 2009

Hilarious Science 24th April 2009

Today we made fairy cakes ... we predicted (in a not very scientific fashion) that it would be harder to make fairy cakes with gluten- and wheat-free flour than it is with regular flour. We decided it would be an experiment (just as well!). The conclusion of the experiment is that the mixture was too runny - so runny in fact that it ran out of the cake cases and completely filled the baking tray - I took a photo when it came out of the oven but later on realised that the memory card was still in the server! Hopefully you can make out some very splodgy flat fairy cakes on the plate and in the bowl is all the overflow cake mixture from the baking tray! Next week we'll try less milk ............

Making Maths More Fun Part 3 24th April 2009

This week we have spent a bit of time looking at triangles. On Tuesday we discussed the properties of triangles, drew some with a ruler and photographed triangles around the home to go into dd1's maths book (a scrap book with anything she does on paper that can be stuck in), then today we cut out triangles and made triangle faces on paper plates. Next week we'll be doing rectangles and I'm hoping to do a picture of buildings with lots of windows, all made from rectangles.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Garden - Easter Sunday 12th April 2009

I think it must have been a bit too stony for the slugs and snails so the "tomb" was indeed empty this morning! The crosses are in slightly different positions from Good Friday after the garden had to be re-assembled yesterday when our rather large cat sat on it!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Garden - Good Friday 10th April 2009

This year we had to make a weatherproof Easter Garden due to the fact the house is for sale (so the Easter Garden has to stay outside) so it's ended up looking quite austere! We didn't have a stone big enough to completely cover the opening of the "cave" so I'm wondering if we might "roll back" the stone on Sunday to find a couple of snails and a slug!