Thursday, 26 February 2009

Making Maths More Fun Part 2 26th February 2009

Through a couple of other blogs I found out about a mathematician author called Greg Tang and this week we read one of his books, Math Fables. Before I let dd1 read the book I made the correct number of animals for each fable, printed them on coloured card and cut them out so that we would be able to act out each fable. On the first day we read and acted out numbers 1-7 and on the second day we read and acted out numbers 8-10 and then 1-7 again! Dd1 had a whale of a time giving the animals sounds and voices and organising them into the correct groupings as each fable progresses. Maths is definitely becoming more fun on our homeschool journey.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Making Maths More Fun Part 1 16th February 2009

Recently I have been searching for different ways to make Maths more fun and hands-on in our homeschool journey. The first thing we have done is make our own Snakes and Ladders board. We bought a large piece of card from our local Post Office and then numbered some white sticky labels from 1-100 (dd1 did some labels, I did most!). We cut out and decorated snakes and drew ladders. We glued on the snakes and ladders as we gradually stuck on the labels.We made a couple of errors in where we placed the snakes and ladders - one we fixed afterwards and the other we left as it was, so when you go down one of the snakes you end up on a square with a ladder so get to go back up again! This mistake reminded me of how as we repeatedly fall into sin we are always forgiven and raised back up again!We've been playing with two dice so dd2 is challenged to recognise the dots for 1,2 and 3 and dd1 is challenged to count on (eg she throws a 5 and a 6, so I quickly get her to say what numbers she has thrown and then take the higher number away and get her to count on, pointing to each dot on the 5 as a visual aid). I've definitely noticed an improvement in her counting on and we've had some great games of Snakes and Ladders into the bargain!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Why 'For His Glory'? 13th February 2009

It took quite a lot of pondering to decide to have a blog and even more pondering to settle on the blog's title. I chose 'For His Glory' because I felt God prompting me in 2008 to look carefully at why I pray for things and check that I am asking for things in order that He might be glorified. Equally important to me is that I want to be constantly reminded that anything I put onto this blog is for His glory and not mine and hopefully the title glaring out at me every time I post will help keep me on the right track.